Greenlight Giving helps disenfranchised populations establish a deep understanding of how to build better relationships to make positive breakthroughs in their lives. We believe that bringing all relevant parties from private, government and non-profit sectors together for collaborative action is the future of societal change. No one group can make a big enough difference alone.

Greenlight Giving applies our methodology of behavioral transformation to populations where it’s going to make the biggest difference to disadvantaged populations and the highest impact on society.

We all have glass ceilings that hold us back. Our behavioral transformation methodology, applied in all of our initiatives, is proven to break through those glass ceilings and help participants and their communities succeed.

Greenlight Giving initiatives for 2013 include:

  • Words2LifeWords2Life: Part of Greenlight Giving's Teach and Grow initiative, Words2Life reaches out to at-risk youth through music and storytelling. Words2Life helps youth find their voice through poetry, rap and creative actions. Through the curriculum-based program, students develop a network of mentors and role models that help propel their lives into more positive realities and allow them to connect with themselves, their past and others around them.

  • CollegeCONNECT: This program helps college undergraduates set and achieve ambitious goals to maximize success throughout their lives. The CollegeCONNECT curriculum combines online written and video content with discussion group lessons and missions where participants learn by doing. Core missions teach students mindsets and skills to develop meaningful, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • VetCONNECT: By offering transitioning veterans an opportunity to develop mindsets and skills, VetCONNECT helps them achieve personal and professional goals including meaningful employment. The program's action-oriented, mission-based curriculum improves their personal and professional ability to build meaningful and lasting relationships. By gaining self-esteem and self-awareness and enhancing professional skills critical to gaining employment, VetCONNECT helps vets transition into a stable civilian life.

  • Global Citizen – Guatemala: Serve and Grow’s Global Citizen, currently focused on the communities around Antigua, Guatemala, uses collaborative action with local organizations to provide resources and support to families, children and communities in need. A curriculum based on relationship management opens the eyes of children in the program to a world of new possibilities for improving their lives. Efforts in Antigua are accelerating sustainable improvements in educational and financial stability for these deserving people.

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