Ferrazzi Greenlight is a Los Angeles-based research institute and consulting firm. Beginning with principles from the relational and collaborative sciences, FG’s research has proven the predictive importance of positive relationships to business success in sales, team performance, and improving customer experience. The firm's extensive application of this research in the laboratory of Fortune 1000 companies has honed the FG Way, our methodology for accelerating the transformation of organizational behavior. 

Many of Ferrazzi Greenlight’s clients are members of the Global 1000, including General Motors, Procter & Gamble, The Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express, Merrill Lynch, Intel, Thomson Reuters, and Deutsche Bank. 

Ferrazzi Greenlight has been coaching new behaviors to drive desired organizational transformations since 2003. One example: an article in Wards Auto credited Ferrazzi Greenalight with the launch of the "1Dealer" program at GM, which GM North America president Mark Reuss described as: “A pretty massive change with our field staff to get them focused on enabling customer satisfaction and retention with our dealers.”  

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