Achieve Moneyball Business Advantage in Days, Not Seasons

"The Loop" war room transformed Mindshare's culture

My research team and I have had a couple of interesting conversations with Colin Kinsella, CEO of Mindshare Interactive. How did Colin end the feet-dragging that had stalled the change he was brought on board to finish? Not by telling the team what leadership wanted them to achieve, but by changing how the team did things.

We tell more of the story of how Kinsella changed the organization by moving team meetings into the Loop (the multi-screened war room pictured here) in our current piece in Inc. But here's one very high-return practice the new process enabled: finding a client's moneyball moments. As the Oakland As did, you look for a statistic highly linked to success: getting on base correlates to winning games. While the traditional competition spends big on high batting averages, you sign players who get on base any way they can and win more with cheaper players. 

In the agency business, a meeting in the Loop might reveal that sales of motorcycles are highly correlated to housing starts, because construction workers love big bikes and buy them when the next few years of employment seem secure. "Your moneyball play if you're Harley Davidson's agency who found the correlation is to focus spend on the growth markets with high housing starts while your competition at Kawaskai, or Honda, or Ducati wastes money in low-growth markets," Kinsella says.

What's your money-ball practice?



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