The Holiday Gift of Giving

Last year when Greenlight Giving visited Antigua, Guatemala with Keith Ferrazzi and his family and friends, we spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of children holding these Thank You cards.  

These pictures were for friends and associates of Keith's, thanking them for donations that had been made in their names. In lieu of sending gifts to clients and connections, Keith made donations through Greenlight Giving - an act of generosity that acknowledged his gratitude for their relationships by contributing to a better future for these amazing kids.




We want to offer you this same opportunity to take care of your gift list by giving. If you donate $200 or more to Greenlight Giving's Holiday Trip, we will take a Thank You picture for you! During the PayPal checkout, just type the name of the person you want to thank into the "Special Instructions" and we'll take care of the rest.  When we return at the beginning of January, we'll email you the photo and you can take it from there.

Consider this gift option for your family, friends and business associates. The gift of generosity is always appreciated!

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