Testimonials from participants in the CollegeCONNECT program at Yale University:

"My greatest shift in thinking has been my default response to accomplishing a goal or task.  I've gone from asking, 'What can I read to understand this?' to 'To whom can I reach out who would be interested in helping?'" 

"I now have much more confidence in approaching people to connect with them, both people I know (but not that well) and people that I don't know personally but that I admire. The program really made me realize what a great learning experience talking to other people can be, and how fun the whole process is!"

CollegeCONNECT is an experiential learning program that helps undergraduates identify and accomplish goals while developing invaluable relationship-building skills. The program teaches students to be mindful of relationships, helping participants overcome fears about “networking” while laying the groundwork for a lifetime of success.

CollegeCONNECT’s group-focused curriculum combines lessons and action-oriented missions. The core missions teach students the techniques and skills they need to develop meaningful, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Group collaboration sessions help students learn from each other’s insights into the lessons and real-world mission experiences. A supplementary financial literacy curriculum helps students develop the practical knowledge to establish stable financial independence while pursuing personal and professional fulfillment.

The program aims to teach the next generation of leaders the relational mindsets, skills and tactics that Keith Ferrazzi learned from mentors, friends and his career. The CollegeCONNECT curriculum draws from Keith’s books and the lessons learned through Ferrazzi Greenlight’s consulting practice. The program has been successfully implemented at Yale University over the past two years.

CollegeCONNECT is supported by Yale University’s Timothy Dwight College and TIAA-CREF.

For details of the program, please download "Welcome to CollegeCONNECT" 

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