Ferrazzi Greenlight is unmatched in its proven ability to help Global 5000 organizations accelerate change. Our people coach behavior transformations that clear the path to desired business outcomes that are both meaningful and measurable. We are changing the world for the better, one iconic organization at a time. For most of our clients, time is not their friend. The urgency is high.

We focus on generous relationship-building practices that are not well tended to in most organizations. Ferrazzi Greenlight made a name for itself by cracking this portion of the code of human behavior. The influence we exert through a philosophy of making others successful is considerable.  The relationships within our own organization, as you might imagine, run deep.

We seek talented, informed professionals who embrace our commitment to accountability, candor, and generosity as the cornerstones of professional and personal success. 

Ferrazzi Greenlight is not for everyone. A mission to change the world, to go above and beyond for client success, comes with pressure. But there is a profound payoff for all that pressure. if you want to grow faster, and have a bigger impact in your career as you work alongside some of the most powerful people in the world, Ferrazzi Greenlight is for you.


Thank you for your interest in opportunities with Ferrazzi Greenlight.  Even if you do not find a match in our current openings, please submit a resume to careers@ferrazzigreenlight.com. We like to build relationships with talented people who are up for a real challenge.


Analyst Consultant

Role: Analyst Consultant

Ferrazzi Greenlight Role Description
Role: Analyst/Consultant
Location: Los Angeles
Travel: 10-20%


Ferrazzi Greenlight (FG) is a management consulting firm and research institute focused on driving behavior change that yields desired business outcomes for our clients. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies for 10 years, and our behavior engineering system has adeptly and efficiently taken numerous teams from dysfunctional to phenomenal. Our transformative methodology has emancipated cultures stymied by silos and hierarchies to become agile, collaborative, and empowering.  The results yield meaningful business outcomes such as gains in product/service quality, customer loyalty, revenue growth and profit, and ultimately, shareholder value.

Organizational change is a misnomer: Companies don’t change—people do. The problem is that people don’t change quickly or naturally, and today’s hyper-competitive industry means that there is too much on the line to wait for its people to come around. Enter Ferrazzi Greenlight.

We help organizations identify, apply, and accelerate the behavior changes and high-return practices necessary to achieve their critical goals and strategies. We leverage a blended coaching approach and experiential learning model to tap into people’s natural motivations through our proven approach to maximizing strengths-based achievement.

Interested candidates should email your resume to careers@ferrazzigreenlight.com.

Role Description

Ferrazzi Greenlight enables individuals with a passion for tackling complex, people-related business problems to apply and grow their skills in a challenging environment. We are seeking an Analyst/Consultant with experience or interest in change management (and/or behavior change) to play a pivotal role in the following areas:

  • Support business development efforts through research and proposal writing
  • Create client and industry briefing books
  • Support diagnostic interviews with scheduling, tracking, biography preparation, and note-taking
  • Conduct initial analysis of interview data to create thematic summaries
  • Prepare for FG facilitated sessions through development of content and coordination of travel, scheduling, and logistics
  • Provide onsite support for FG facilitated sessions
  • Support follow-up for FG facilitated sessions through development of session summaries, reporting on action items, and communications efforts
  • Develop change management intellectual property through internal and external research
  • Assist with creation of implementation plans based on diagnostic work
  • Manage content and contacts using FG tools
  • Contribute to firm initiatives such as culture and engagement, talent development, process improvement, and community service

Targeted Qualifications

Successful Analyst/Consultant candidates will possess the following attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree (required)
  • Master’s degree (preferred) in business administration, organizational behavior, or psychology
  • At least 1-2 years of direct management consulting experience
  • Demonstrated ability to learn, apply, and communicate business-related concepts and ideas
  • Demonstrated ability to manage ambiguity and apply problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated ability to employ research and analytical thinking
  • Demonstrated capabilities in teamwork and leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve results
  • Demonstrated interest in human capital, change management, and/or behavior change subject matter based on academic course study, past experience, or participation in professional certification programs or clubs
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, and effective listening skills
  • Ability to maintain integrity and professionalism
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and primary/secondary research
  • Willingness to travel
  • Based in Los Angeles or willing to relocate